Software developers and app designers are benefiting from US’ iGaming boom

As the gambling industry in the United States continues its upwards trajectory in popularity and participation it has also come to the attention of web developers and app designers who cannot wait to get on board and join the exciting ride.  

The huge expansion of online gambling over the past few years – since the relaxation of federal laws and associated opening of the industry in some states – has captured the imagination of millions of traditional gamblers across the land.

The fast-paced development in the industry from those traditional methods in the casinos and at the tracks to an extravagant modern online world of all kinds of gamblnig options at your fingertips can be attributed to the advancements in technology over the past decade or so.

Online casinos have multiplied tenfold in recent years in a trend which shows no sign of ending. And with brand new online sportsbooks also opening all the time, the fierce competition for customers’ dollars and cents means each and every single one of the hundreds of available platforms across the country have to offer something hugely appealing. 

That is big news for developers and designers who are a key piece of that jigsaw when it comes to attracting customers to the various websites and apps. As each platform attempts to attract as many users as they can, the work of the tech experts is crucial in doing so.

This can include designing an enticing yet user-friendly, functional website or app that is known to be reliable and – more importantly – secure to use. Of course, attractive sign-up offers and bonuses are also a key component when it comes to a solid user experience, but the look and functionality of a platform is just as important.

Online casinos and sportsbooks use highly sophisticated and advanced software in order to provide the best experience for their users with a wide range of different types of game to select. Players have a vast array of different games and categories to choose from.

That is where the ability to design and develop such a website or app comes in – those experts are in high demand in an increasingly competitive market, therefore the influence they have can pay well.  The software development providers are a driving force behind the industry’s rapid development in recent years. 

Here, we take a look at who they are, where they come from, what exactly they are doing for the industry and what the future holds. Let’s get started…

Who are the software development gurus?

Companies such as Playtech, Net Entertainment, Evolution Gaming, Betsoft, International Gaming Technology and Real Time Gaming all strive to deliver an innovative entertainment experience for the various gambling companies who partner with them. 

In the case of Playtech, the company has positioned itself as one of the powerhouses of the online gambling industry. This can be put down to their comprehensive range of solutions covering casino games, live casino, sports betting and lottery games – as well as a reputation for transparency and operating only with those gambling companies from regulated jurisdictions.

Net Entertainment (or ‘ NetEnt’), meanwhile, have been developing for the industry since the mid-1990’s and are adept at creating software for all the classic casino games including live dealer games – plus they have official licenses to some of the best branded slot games based on movies, TV shows, and comics.

Then there are the likes of International Gaming Technology and Evolution Gaming. 

IGT has been working with the industry since the brick-and-mortar days of the early 1970’s and have developed their tech to deliver in the modern digital online age of iGaming. They, too, hold the exclusive rights to certain big budget TV shows and cartoons and have taken in countless awards for their work in the industry. Evolution Gaming almost exclusively deals in live dealer games and they, too, have claimed awards for their work.

So there are plenty of software development companies specifically involved in the internet gambling industry and the loosening of laws and rise in participation is proving just as lucrative for them as it is for the gambling providers and the states themselves.

Why are they needed and what do they do?

There are of course a huge amount of licensed online casinos and sportsbook platforms, and some of them do develop their own websites and apps in-house. As you can imagine though, not all of the best – and the not-so-best – casino websites and sportsbooks possess their own in-house tech teams to develop their offerings. 

Most of the industry tends to outsource development to companies like those mentioned above, who have a wealth of experience in web and app design, in order to benefit from a robust platform with a diverse range of games and betting options in order to attract as many consumers as possible. These specialist gaming software companies build and develop the software used in the gambling industry which ensures that security is just as important as sophistication when it comes to user experience. 

As we mentioned earlier, the sheer volume of casino and sportsbook platforms has enjoyed huge growth over the past few years and as their popularity has increased so has the choice for the budding online gambler – who needs to know which platform is more suited for their needs.

Therefore, thanks to partnering with the more experienced development companies, casinos and other gambling websites can attract more players than their rival platforms. Of course all the hallmarks of a good website have to be considered – solid design, good easy to use interface and a clean, fresh look in appearance. Even the use of music soundtracks is recognised as being a key component in enjoyment for consumers. 

But if those developers can also provide a unique, authentic gambling experience for those participating online then all the more important they are.

Simple methods used by designers and developers

There are a number of methods taken by app developers and website designers when it comes to making gambling platforms look attractive from a consumer’s first search and subsequent click right the way through to their thousandth visit and beyond. 

Let us run through some of those important points:

  • Visual appeal – striking but easy-on-the-eye layout to attract and divert the eye to the most lucrative section of the website/app
  • Easy-to-use interface and menus for quick access equalling quick play – especially for those lucrative games hosted on the platform
  • Regular updates – new slots and games (therefore new challenges to gamblers) that tie-in with topical themes will keep consumers coming back, with notifications via the app
  • Useful user support – clear FAQ’s with clear responses and even the use of Chatbot AI technology are a big plus when it comes to assisting users with their technical issues 
  • Secure platform – especially important to protect data and incorporate safe payment methods as gamblers aim to use trustworthy platforms to spend their money

By utilising all of the above in the design and development of the various online gambling platforms, developers can demonstrate their importance to the industry. The role they play is arguably THE most important because, as we have shown above, what they do directly impacts on how successful the platforms are in terms of generating revenue

Therefore, it is only right that the software developers and designers are feeling the benefit of the boom in iGaming over the past few years. As the market continues to grow at a rapid rate, those experts will only become even more important, and their stock will rise just as rapidly.