KAM Summit ’21| Has the advent of digital platforms opened new doors of possibilities? Experts weigh in

Kids Animation & More summit saw a rather piquant and insightful session on the phenomenon of digital proliferation that has opened up doors of new possibilities. With big investments being pumped in to cater to the rising demand in the animation sphere, various channels and broadcasters have joined the digital fray.

The speakers of this panel were Sprout Studios CEO & founder Rahul Rohilla, Cosmos Maya SVP – revenue and corporate strategy Devdatta Potnis, VideoGyan director and CEO Vishal T.M, Green Gold Animation sr. vice president – content business Bharath Laxmipati and the session was moderated by Dancing atoms creator, creative producer and director, Saraswathi Vani Balgam.

Green Gold Animation has churned out groundbreaking animaition projects that have shined on the world stage. Speaking about the approach to making successful animated show, “Green Gold Animation is always attempting to do new things and we have fairly succeeded in opening new avenues and opportunities. The key is always going to be your creating compelling content. Once you are able to do that it will work for any platforms.”

Rohila who has a boutique studio illustrated the demand for compelling kids’ content by highlighting that they have managed to attract one million views per day with their content is only a 2-minuter. According to their Youtube statistics, kids are watching their content for atleast six or seven minutes.

While entertaining shows have been on the rise, animated content has also been a great source of education. Vishal shares, “We are trying to create some educational focused shows where 50-60 per cent is educational and 40 per cent is fun. Entertainment and the fun quotient is very important as it helps them to stay motivated and not bored.

Rohilla shares that they are explore content which finds the common interest of the kids and the parents which can indulge them into an activity. Illustrating with examples, he adds, “Like having fun with a pet or dancing or playing a board game together or mom baking cookies of alphabets shapes where kids are learning.”

As a fast emerging studio, Cosmos Maya has tried a ranger of experiments with new format too. Potnis shares, “As a studio, we tried different formats with massive success in the Indian market but we have not done as phenomenally as in the other categories Rahul or Vishal were talking about and it is inspiring. So exploring things which you have not done is the do that you should focus on.”

Panelists agreed how educational-based entertainment content which can also be classified as ‘edutainment’ is doing wonders as it helps parents educate the kids whilst keeping their mind stimulated and engaged.