‘WCC’ announces a new update with licensed digital Billion Cheers Jerseys in association with MPL sports and Urdu commentary 

World Cricket Championship (WCC) has released its latest update with new offerings on the game platform for its users. WCC3 has introduced a licensed digital avatar of jerseys for its users in association with MPL sports. Favourite Jerseys like the Billion Cheers Jersey and the Retro and Training jerseys will be made available for the in-game players of the Indian team. Additionally, WCC3 has now added renowned cricket commentator, Tariq Saeed, marking the introduction of Urdu commentary in the game.

The licensed digital version of the jersey is a replica of the original which carries fans’ chants and cheers from iconic past matches, transformed into unique soundwave patterns. It’s a unique pattern jersey, where Indian sports fans have been memorialised on it. The shirt aptly called the ‘Billion Cheers Jersey’, honours fans’ unwavering support. The jersey comes in shades of Prussian blue and royal blue offering a bold and distinct look befitting champions.

In addition to the just-introduced Urdu commentary, WCC3 also offers multiple language commentaries including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and Kannada. The English commentary is voiced by Matthew Hayden and Isha Guha, a BCC cricket commentator. Hindi and Tamil versions are voiced by Aakash Chopra and Abhinav Mukund respectively, while the Telugu commentary is voiced by former Indian cricketer and current IPL commentator, Venkatapathy Raju. WCC3 recently added three new commentators, Anjum Chopra for Hindi, Deep Dasgupta for Bengali, and Vijay Bharadwaj for Kannada, to further cater to diverse geographies and fans.

Nextwave Multimedia co-founder and CEO P.R. Rajendran said, “With 240 million-plus users, this seems like a good opportunity to add value to our fans and the cricket community out there. We are glad to work with MPL Sports to make available the digital version of popular jerseys including the Billion Cheers and Retro among others for the in-game players. With the newly introduced Urdu language commentary, we hope to give users a treat for this season.”

MPL Sports head Shobhit Gupta said, “We are excited to team up with World Cricket Championship 3, a game that is loved and played by millions of sports fans across the country. The MPL Sports Billion Cheers jersey is one of the most recognised and coveted pieces of sports apparel today. Now it will be available in an exciting digital avatar that gamers can use to flaunt their love for the sport.”