Puzzle RPG ‘ALICE Fiction’ releasing worldwide this summer reaches 700,000 pre-registrations

WonderPlanet, an entertainment company led by founder and CEO Tomoki Tsunekawa, announces that pre-registrations for the new mobile game releasing this summer, ALICE Fiction, has reached 700,000 registrations.

ALICE Fiction is an puzzle RPG that allows players to enjoy an easy-to-play, high-speed puzzle battle. The more panels that players break within the time limit, the bigger advantage they gain during the battles, and the special attacks that can be unlocked will give players the most exhilarating experience ever. The characters seen in the main story of the metaverse of ALICE are fully voiced. Anyone looking to immerse themselves in the metaverse before release can listen to some of the exciting EDM sounds that were popular during the CBT and view some of the collaboration illustrations.

In commemoration of reaching 700,000 pre-registrations worldwide, all users will receive 8,000 Quartz after the game’s official release. In addition, all users will receive 30 gacha draws worth of Quartz after reaching 800,000 pre-registrations. 

Campaign time period:

2 June 2022 ~ Launch date (JST)


50,000 users = 300 Quartz (accomplished)

100,000 users = 300 Quartz (accomplished)

150,000 users = 500 Quartz (accomplished)

200,000 users = 500 Quartz (accomplished)

300,000 users = 600 Quartz (accomplished)

400,000 users = 800 Quartz (accomplished)

500,000 users = 3,000 Quartz (accomplished)

600,000 users = 1,000 Quartz (accomplished)

700,000 users = 1,000 Quartz (accomplished)

800,000 users = 1,000 Quartz

ALICE Fiction × pixiv illustration contest with the total grand prize of approx Rs 500000 has started! 

On 5 July have started the ALICE Fiction × pixiv illustration contest. The winner can receive up to over Rs 150000, and the winning illustration will have a chance to appear in-game! The famous creator Yun Amagasa will also be joining the event as a special judge. Participants may enter by creating an illustration appropriate to the theme and submitting it to pixiv with the specified tag. It started and will continue till 4 September.

Along with the characters who appeared in the closed beta test, the additional characters who were introduced during the ALICE Fiction Official Live Stream β Ver volume two on 5 June such as the bossy Qin Shi Huang, the girl who’s in love with love itself Himiko, and the saint Joan will appear with their amazing special attacks.