Kochi witnessed a LAN auction for AKEF’s Sigma ‘Valorant’ Ultimate Battle season two

AKEF Esports hit another milestone by hosting the second season of Sigma Valorant Ultimate Battle. And they are also the first to host a LAN auction in Kochi for an esports event in India and South Asia as well.

AKEF is known for their own IPs in BGMI and Valorant which include multiple seasons of KPL, AGS and Ultimate Battle  and this time the organizers have set up a Valorant LAN Auction event at the heart of Kerala, Cochin. 56 players has been called to bid with each team to secure seven players to their team.

The franchise owners for the Sigma Valorant Ultimate Battle season two are:

Kaztro Gaming, Doctor Gaming: Team Vikings

Eagle Gaming,Dreamer Gaming: Team Ravens

Randomized, Gamerboy: Team Scorpions

Blind Joker, Blind Satan: Team Vandals

Viper Esports , MRZ Goku: Team Wizards

Villain YT, I Am Queen Bee: Team Masters

Error Gamer, A Bit Beast: Team Legends

Bravo Gaming, Crazy Panda Gaming: Team Renegades

Sigma Valorant Ultimate Battle season two is presented by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), energized by RedBull and Store partner Nexgen Rigs.

“It was proud to host this auction offline and being the first time in India this kind. This time many new players have been added to provide them with chances and better exposure,” AKEF Pvt ltd MD Amal Arjun added.

The whole event was exclusively live streamed on the YouTube channel of AKEF Esports where top Valorant player from India, Ganesh “SkRossi” Gangadhar, (Valorant player for Global Esports) came upwith support. He later added, “Valo scene in Kerala is on a different level, inhouse league with proper offline auction with actual organizations just like IPL, giving opportunities to local talents. Super happy and proud how things are growing, first time in India something like this ever happening.”