AfterShokz rebranded as Shokz to celebrate 10-year anniversary

Shokz, the company formerly known as AfterShokz, specializing in open-ear headphones and patented bone conduction technology, announced a rebrand of the company to celebrate their 10-year anniversary and renewed focus on bone conduction acoustics. The new visual identity and name change demonstrates a simpler and easier-to-share moniker within the audio business and better caters to the core messaging shared within the ShokzSquad community.

Shokz debuted their bone conduction technology in 2011 as a new way of transmitting sound to consumers. Since then, the company has grown to feature five active product lines focused on improving the way you listen to your music while you work out or how you stay productive at the desk. The innovative open-ear design helps athletes, parents and colleagues enjoy their favourite tunes while also remaining aware of their surroundings without the same discomfort of in-ear buds. The new name and logo will start to be reflected on packaging and new product releases coming in 2022.

“For the past decade, we’ve been hard at work bringing open-ear bone conduction technology to the masses, and thanks to the support of our teams, early adopters and passionate ShokzSquad community, we’re ready to take Shokz into the next chapter.While our name is shorter and easier to share, our mission and core values remain the same – we aim to keep exploring new sounds and acoustics while making people’s lives better with innovative technology. Our products have come a long way since we introduced Titanium all those years ago and now it’s time for our brand to move forward too,” said at Shokz CEO Vincent Xiong.

 In addition, on that day, Aeropex, the company’s top-selling bone conduction sport headphones, will have its name updated to OpenRun, and Xtrainerz bone conduction MP3 swimming headphones will be called OpenSwim as the company refines its product lineup.