Marvel announces ‘Savage Spider-Man’ series

Marvel has announced a new Spider-Man limited series is on the way Savage Spider-Man.! Writer Joe Kelly will be teaming with artist Gerardo Sandoval for this spinout from the recent non-stop Spider-Man series.

The all-new limited series will feature Spider-Man like you’ve never seen him. Peter Parker finds himself at the middle of the biggest, most wide-ranging adventure he’s ever had and out of the gate it has turned him into a savage beast! Forget everything you know about Spider-Man. All rules and regulations are out the door and Peter Parker may never be the same!

In an official statement, Spider Man editor Nick Lowe said “You may think you’ve seen a monstrous or vicious Spider-Man before, but never like this. This book is so intense that you’re going to need to put it down between pages to get your breath back.”

Sandoval said, “Spider-Man is always a huge challenge to draw, he’s not an easy character for an artist. But at the same time Spider-Man is a huge joy to draw and now we have a Savage Spider-Man who provides an even bigger challenge for an artist. I have the pages that I am working on and I can say that I am doing my best work here for sure. Joe Kelly is the kind of writer that understands an artist needs enough room to create great illustrations and it makes my work easier and more fun. I really hope you enjoy this new book as much as I do!”

Savage Spider-Man comes out in February 2022.

SAVAGE SPIDER-MAN #1 cover by Nick Bradshaw