Kids animated series ‘Happy Lusasa’ featuring ‘MiluEgg’ to launch in 2022

Lusasa Aniamtion’s latest TV series Happy Lusasa will be launched in 2022. The series targeting six to twelve year old children is full of fun and happiness.

The show depicts the interesting life around MiluEgg and some lovely, naughty fellow residents in Lusasa town. They are just like humans, with emotions, friendships, dreams, and even a love for gossip.

Adorable and memorable characters are inspired by traditional Taiwanese cuisine. Miluegg has started a TV series over the past year which had a successful debut.

The internationally renowned IP Miluegg has more than 100 products co-developed with over 50 companies. The trailer of the upcoming show Happy Lusasa is now available.

In 2006, for the first time MiluEgg appeared in the blog with an appearance of half braised egg that everyone is familiar with. The cute expressions and interesting dialogs brought immense popularity. It gets even more popular because of the cute emoji on MSN. In 2010, it won the first prize of the most popular Yahoo’s blog and some other comics were released such as Wu’s Pogs, MiluEgg yonkoma and so on.

With the accumulation of the IP popularity, MiluEgg has successively obtained a number of brand invitations including 7-11, Family mart, OK mart, CMC, FarEasTone, Taiwan Mobile, Panasonic, Philips and so on. Subsequently, it’s popularity has spread to China, Japan and Hong Kong and developed a series of international endorsement events including JINMAILANG instant noodle, Rootote charity event, Tsuen Wan Plaza – MiluEgg  theme night market exhibition and so on.